Richard Cordiner

I grew up in the UK and throughout my education I was convinced I was a scientist. I studied chemistry at university and after graduating with a PhD, I took a punt on a job at the ANU and moved to Australia with my partner

Fifteen years later I understand that people’s lives rarely take them in the direction they were expecting. My science career took me through academia, private industry, and the public service but eventually I realised that what mattered more to me was the people I met and their stories. I am currently in the final third of my Graduate Diploma in Counselling at the Australian College of Applied Psychology and am completing my counselling placement hours at Secret Keeper Counselling until May next year.

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From my parents (both teachers) I inherited a deep interest in stories and how they work, so I was naturally drawn to narrative therapy and the ways people construct meaning and identity in their lives. As a counsellor I see my role as walking beside someone as we explore how they can become the best version of themselves, whether that is through overcoming a problem, examining the past, or simply exploring who they are and what that means to them.

Self-care is important in ensuring I can bring my best into the room with you. I enjoy bouldering with my friends and running by myself, as well as boardgames, videogames, movies, and anything else that tells a good story.

Methodologies: Person-centred and Narrative

Areas of practice: General, depression, grief and loss, trauma, gender identity and sexuality, and personal growth.


The qualifications that are most relevant to counselling are:

  • Graduate Diploma in Counselling (Expected graduation November 2022)


Languages: English

Pronouns: He/him

Contact Me:  0415 342 301 or send an inquiry via the 'contact' page.