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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Doctor's referral to access this service?

No.  You do not need a referral to come to counselling. All you need to do is contact us via the Contact Us page or give us a call.

What does the first appointment entail?

The first appointment usually a little longer because we'll need to do some paperwork and then find out what your goals are for therapy.  Sessions are usually 55 minutes long.

We also cover confidentiality and duty of care as your counsellor.

How does counselling and psychotherapy work?

Counselling generally refers to a brief course of sessions (3 - 10 sessions) that focuses on one issue that could be a behaviour patterns or reaction to an event, such as a recent loss.

Psychotherapy is a longer term relationship where a client will look at longer term issues or multiple issues in order to solve difficulties that impact the quality of life now.

What happens if I have to cancel?

24 hours notice is required for no fee cancellations.

Cancellations made on the day of the appointment will incur a $100 cancellation fee. 

You can change face-to-face appointments to telephone at anytime with no penalty.

Will my sessions be kept private?

All individual sessions are confidential and totally private.  Relationship counselling and mediation will be kept between the participants.  Group sessions have agreed upon rules decided by the whole group in the first session, this usually includes 'what happens in group, stays in group'.

What qualifications do you have?
What qualifications do you have?

Each counsellor in the practice has relevant qualifications.  These can be view on the 'About Us' page.


Every year we are required to undertake a minimum of 25 hours of ongoing professional development and 10 hours of professional supervision to maintain registration with industry bodies. 

Where did the name The Secret Keeper come from?
Where did the name The Secret Keeper come from?
Where did the name The Secret Keeper come from?

Well, when I (Frances) was a school girl my peers would talk to me about everything and anything.  One day, a friend called Rachel said to me, 'I know I can tell you this because you're very good at keeping secrets!'

I decided to call my private practice The Secret Keeper after a light bulb moment about 18 months into the process of trying to figure out what I'd call myself.

Will you really keep my secrets?

Counselling is a confidential service, however, there are times when I may be required, by law, to disclose information shared.  These may include threats to self or others.  I will always work with my client to ensure that the best outcome is achieved.

If a report is required for legal or medical reasons a Release Form will need to be signed and dated by the client stating to whom the information will be sent and the method of transferal.

Can I claim rebates?

Some services are rebatable from the following, depending on therapist:

NDIS if you are on a managed plan or are self managed.  This comes under 'Improved Daily Living'. 

Doctors Health Fund (no provider number required)

Police Health Fund (no provider number required)

Medibank Private 

If you would like to claim under NDIS or Health fund, please check your cover, then let me know and I will provide an invoice with the relevant information. 

What does your service cost?

Please be aware that each therapist charges different rates depending on experience and qualifications.  Please discuss with your chosen therapeutic professional.


Indicative prices:
Individual sessions start at $100

Couples session $150 (for 90 minutes)
Group Therapy $340 (for ten sessions)

Clinical Supervision $160
Group Supervision available in blocks of 5 ($175) or 10 ($315)

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