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Wildlife Rescue

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

As part of my work I offer counselling to wildlife carers at massively discounted rates. I do this because I understand how hard it is to be a volunteer doing this work. Personally I focus on reptiles and snakes, and after today’s events I’m reminded why I’ve avoided getting involved with macropods, wombats and possums to date.

This morning on my way to my writing group I saw a dead kangaroo laying half in the lane. Countless cars had driven around it, I decided to stop and move it.

During the short walk from my car to the body I saw a joey laying on the verge. Still. I walked to the Mum and pulled her from the road. No one even slowed. I walked back to the joey and picked it up, thinking it was dead. He wasn’t, he was chilled though. He made a little noise so I shoved him up my jumper, next to my skin to help warm him as quickly as possible.

A little later I transferred him to a pouch, but maintained the body warmth that is so critical. Whilst driving I thought of famous orphans and decided this little one shall be named Bond. A warrior and hunk of a man.

Assessment by a Bec, a Wildcare Queanbeyan member, and extremely knowledgeable on these matters, determined he likely had a broken back and possibly some brain injury from being thrown out of the mother’s pouch at the time of the fatal collision.

He was immediately taken to a local vet for confirmation of diagnosis, and ultimately, the quickest end. The kindest and best option in the circumstances.

If you hit an animal, please take a moment to check. This poor little one suffered for longer than necessary.

Please take a moment to figure out who your local wildlife rehabilitation group is. Save their number to your phone. Call them when you need to. Consider joining them.

After just a short time with this little one I’m absolutely devastated at the loss.

RIP Bond.

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