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Support WildTalk: Caring for the carers of Australia’s wildlife.

WildTalk provides counselling and crisis support to wildlife carers and others that work with our unique wildlife across Australia.

Originally due to launch in August 2020, I have had to speed up my approaches for sponsorship due the current catastrophic fires and drought across the country. This mean I may not be able to be as eloquent as I would have liked to be.

These are no ordinary times.

Our wildlife carers are in crisis. The sheer volume of dead and dying creatures is astonishing! Many of the animals are dead, many that are found alive are having to be euthanised. Those can be saved are facing weeks or months of rehabilitation. On top of all this they are also caring for joeys found in their Mum's pouches at the road side, dog attack victims, and mass losses due to heat stress events.

WildTalk will eventually offer a wide range of services to people working with wildlife, but first we need to provide debriefing and counselling support.

I have partnered with Eudoxia EAP and they have agreed to assist with the provision of the counselling services. They are providing 24/7 helpline access. A basic website has been built and I would love to start sharing, but until I have funding in place I can’t, because the $1200 already raised will go very quickly.

Corporate or individuals

With $20,000 you will be listed as a founding partner. With $10,000 you will be listed as a founding sponsor. $5000 will get you a sponsor logo on our website, as it develops. Every dollar will help and you have my gratitude and the thanks of everyone you help. An dI will be creating a list of all sponsors once the madness has died down. Please help WildTalk: Caring for the carers of Australia’s wildlife.

You can email on if you have any questions, but I sorry, it may take me a few days to get back to you. If you are a therapist based in Australia with experience in this area and wish to help, please register with Eudoxia.

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