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Making a podcast

A couple of years ago I had the idea to start a podcast about mental health. I had no idea what I'd talk about, what sort of guests I'd have or even the first clue how to make one. You just record on your iPhone, right?

Nope, It's really not that simple, but also it is... let me explain.

It all started with research on how to put a podcast together, lots of reading, chatting to a few friends that did them and then came the formulation of what it would be about. That was the easy bit really, because I started putting together the technical things got expensive and complicated. It took me a couple of months just to think of it's name. Secrets We Share. Microphones, stands, pop filters, laptop, cables, headphones, and software, take time to research and gather and cost money. It took me time to find the right one and save to purchase each item. I've then had to learn how to use all the equipment and ultimately realize that I neither have the skill set or time to do a great job, so find someone who can help me. Enter Wonder Nick! After many meetings and so much patience, the first episode was published, and with ongoing support the sound is gradually getting better as I learn the lessons he teaches. Sadly, he also has bills to pay, so I pay him, but not what he's truly worth, I'd like to be able too.

Finding of the guests takes many hours to organise. First I have to find an interested party, this can take me up to four hours. Searching the internet, making an approach, explain what I'm trying to do, speak to them on the telephone to see if we can freely converse, and make and appointment at a convenient time. Many thanks to all the guests that have invited me into the homes, offices and leisure spaces, so far.

All my interviews are done face to face, because I wish to highlight the importance of the therapeutic relationship to get people to open up about difficult topics. This means having a mobile 'studio' can mean that I end up recording in cupboards or rooms devoid of soft furnishing, this results in sound reflection and a harder job for Wonder Nick.

I have to travel much distances to speak with people. So far I have travelled over 5000kms for the interviews in season one and the first half of season two. I've spoken to folks in Melbourne, Wollongong, Sydney, Bega, and the UK. Conducting interviews in distant places also means many an evening spent in AirBnB rooms, away from home, but I always find ones where Fe can stay with me. Overall, this project has consumed heaps of hours at home and away from home. It has also cost me a significant sum of money through direct spending and hours that I haven't been able to spend with face to face, fee paying clients. But it's proven to worth the time and money.

The feedback I have received has been positive. There have been over one thousand downloads. Secrets We Share is currently sitting on a 5 Star rating average in iTunes and one of my guests reported 'my husband listened and he says he finally gets it'. If that's the only feedback I get, I think the show is a success.

If you feel like supporting the financial side of Secrets We Share, you can with a regular donation, via Patreon. If you choose to support it, you'll have access to exclusive members only content, such as extended interviews, videos, and travel pictures and tales from the road. All patrons, regardless of contribution get this exclusive content. I record all the podcast episodes using the mobile studio I have put together, but after a technical error where I lost four interviews I now also record on my iPhone as well. So they can be done simply, they just don't sound quite as good. What I'm saving for now is a Zoom H4N...professional with mobility and convenience. Your support is greatly appreciated. If you can't add dollars, you can help by rating and reviewing, either here or wherever you listen to Secrets We Share. Secrets We Share returns with Season 2 on Monday 28th October 2019.

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