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Secrets We Share

After months of development and the podcast is finally getting off the ground! All the equipment, do wackies, and fiddling an finagling is sorted.

The feedback I have received so far from allied health professionals and clients alike has been positive and I’m really looking forward to sharing the experience with that would like to be involved, either by participating or by listening.

What I'm trying to achieve with this is:

1. Talking openly and honestly about mental health and the impacts on lives. What coping strategies have worked in the past and what hasn't worked, whether considered good or bad (eg...I drank for a bit, it worked, until it didn't anymore or I went to see a therapist, I found them to be XX so I shopped around a bit until I found the right one). It will not be restricted to a PG rating to encourage that honesty. This is about breaking down the illusions that we're the only one or that there is only one answer to each problem.

2. I’ll also be talking with mental health practitioners. This is to break down the misconceptions about the therapy process and give a broader understanding of the multitude of options of methods and services.

These won’t be counselling sessions, but interviews. I’ll be looking to speak with people impacted by mental health issues and those working in the mental health sector.

I'm looking to do face to face interviews for 30 - 45 minutes. With this in mind I’ll be in:

Melbourne 3 - 5 July

Brisbane end of August

Sydney and Canberra flexible

As with all new endeavours this is a massive learning curve for me and I’m excited by the opportunity. If you’d like to interviewed, please use the ‘Contact’ page.

I look forward to speaking with you!

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