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Secrets We Share: S3E6 Krystyna - gracious and resilient

Krystyna gave up the title of Clinical psychologist to become a psychologist coach. She enjoys her work as a coach as it allows her to move away from the rigidity of office based working and a focus on a limited number of modalities. Now, she is able to work with her clients in a holistic way that suits the individual. Including catching up in cafes in the City.

Hear her talk about her work, her passion and her maternal Grandmother and how she had a lasting impact on who Krystana is and continues to be.

Thank you to Krystyna for welcoming me into her home and for taking time to talk with me.

Thank you to Nick McCorriston for being my podcast guru and putting the thing together with music and intros.

Please feel free to share your own experiences in the comments below, or if you'd like to be a guest, send a message via the contact page.

This podcast can also be found on Apple podcasts and most places you get your podcasts. Our Patreon patron can access a detailed handout of the four quadrants that Krystana talks about.

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