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Secrets We Share: S2E7 Dawn

A self confessed, life long consumer of mental health services Dawn shares with us her difficult start in life and how that has set her up for a lifetime as a rescuer.

We're joined by Princess, her therapy dog (a rescue, naturally) who spent the entire time comforting both of us.

We chatted about childhood trauma, being the carer to multiple elder family member in their last days, her own physical health issues and how making small felt gifts helps her.

Her story is not an easy one to hear, but her determination to succeed in life and continue to give back to those around her, and her community is inspiring!

Thank you to Dawn for taking time out of her day to talk with me and inviting me into her home.

Thank you to Nick McCorriston for being my podcast guru and putting the thing together with music and intros.

Please feel free to share your own experiences in the comments below, or if you'd like to be a guest, send a message via the contact page.

In the exclusive Patreon patron bonus material, see a picture of the ever therapeutic Princess.

This podcast can also be found on Apple podcasts and most place you get your podcasts.

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