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Secrets We Share S2E5: Desireé

Desireé is a poet and teacher from Baton Rouge. She was recently touring the Australian East coast with her book ’SINK’.

Her book is a window into a childhood of poverty, addiction and suicide. Later she made her way across the country from Northern California to the humidity and heat of Louisiana where she found herself finding direction in the written word and performance.

We recently meet in her car, as it was too windy to record outside, and she shared the struggles and a few of her coping strategies that keep her on the road, as well as gracing up with the title poem of her book.

For Patreon patrons you can see her performance at Slambooree on Friday 25th October. This was filmed at Gang Gang Cafe in Downer ACT.

Thank you to Desiree for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk with me.

Thank you to Nick McCorriston for being my podcast guru and putting the thing together with music and intros.

Please feel free to share your own experiences in the comments below, or if you'd like to be a guest, send a message via the contact page.

This podcast can also be found on Apple podcasts and most place you get your podcasts.

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