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Secrets We Share S1E6: Olga

Olga Lavalle is a clinical psychologist with many years experience and she's based in Wollongong, NSW. She has a thriving practice in the heart of town. She also has her own broken heart from when her husband died unexpectedly a few years ago. This experience led her to writing a book: 'The New Normal - A widow's guide to grief' to herself process and to help others through the shared experience.

We sat down in her office to talk grief, and loss, Mental Health Care Plans (MHCP), being a student 'back in the day', and how wonderful it is living and working in Wollongong (pop. nearly 300,000).

Thank you to Olga for taking time to talk with me.

Thank you to Nick McCorriston for being my podcast guru and putting the thing together with music and intros. Don't blame him for the voice quality, he can't fix my ineptitude.

Please feel free to share your own experiences in the comments below, or if you'd like to be a guest, send a message via the contact page.

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