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Chris (CJ) Stewart

CJ (He/They) is an ACA registered counsellor who completed his master's degree practical experience with an LGBTQIA+ peer led organisation. With a particular interest in counselling techniques which are Autism and neurodiversity sensitive, he practices with a person-centred and trauma informed approach. CJ has a background in education and career counselling.

However, his skills and interests are focused on supporting clients from diverse communities who are experiencing major life changes such as pre/post adult diagnoses, new or troubled relationships, gender identity, sexuality, and career transitions. In their free time CJ enjoys designing, making, repairing and restoring items in his workshop, walking their dogs and relaxing outdoors with family.

CJ’s work is based on the philosophy that his client’s are capable of the change that they want to make, and that this can be done in multiple dimensions such as their thoughts, feelings, relationships and culture to name a few. His skills and techniques come from a wide array of psychotherapeutic theories and are guided by a framework known as Integrative Multitheoretical Psychotherapy. This allows him to facilitate his clients utilising their lived experience and view of what success would look like for them. This model is flexible and person centred, and CJ will tend to keep himself out of your story, see it through your eyes, and empower you with skills and techniques that you can use to define and shape where you fit in the world.


CJ is comfortable with difficulties and solutions which are both complex and dynamic from session to session. Supporting better self-understanding and making sense of identities and relationships is his goal, and this is done through a deep capacity for empathy and understanding and providing a space for others to explore themselves without judgement.


Methodologies: Person-Centred (relational style), Multitheoretical (framework and techniques), Trauma Informed and Disability Affirmative Philosophy


Areas of practice: living, loving and working with Neurodiversity (ADHD, Autism, PDA etc), pre and post diagnosis, disability, sexuality and gender, trauma, identity and life transitions, personal growth, self-improvement and relationship issues.


The qualifications that are most relevant to counselling are:

  • Masters of Guidance and Counselling

  • Certificate 4 Career Development

  • Certificate 4 Employment Services

  • Understanding Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

  • ASD in Adults Introduction/Advanced (in progress)

  • ASD Assessment Fundamentals and Comorbidities (in progress)

  • Introduction to ADOS-2 (in progress)

Professional Associations:

  • Australian Counselling Association

  • Association of Career Advisors of NSW and ACT

Languages: English
Pronouns: He/They


Hours of Practice: Monday all day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5pm – 8pm

Contact Me: 

0261895256 (Calls)         

0480099617 (Text)