About Us

Our mission is to guide and facilitate; while utilising traditional and modern therapeutic techniques.

Frances Carleton - Principle

I undertook my own therapeutic journey after a significant family loss. After years of working in change management, training and mentoring in corporate environments, I decided to make the move away from overhead florescence and open plan and into my own space where I felt like me again.

Having studied art, writing and communications in the past, I undertook a Masters in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy to enable me to focus on therapeutic work.  I use a number of methodologies, that best suit the needs of the individual client. Narrative and artistic expression bring together my love of words and the telling of your story for a therapeutic outcome.  

My mission is to guide, facilitate and nurture, while utilising both traditional and modern therapeutic techniques.

I’ll work with you to achieve the goals you desire so you can be the very best version of yourself.

Self-care is very important and because I believe that I can't help you if I'm not at the top of my game, I crochet, collect Lego mini-figures, meditate, and spend time walking with my dog Fe.  Sometimes the cat, ORen, comes too. 

Methodologies: EMDR, Narrative, Emotional Freedom Techiniques (Tapping), Psychodynamic, and person-centered.


Areas of practice: Sexual health, couples counselling, grief and loss, anger, trauma, wildlife workers and volunteers, and supervision.


The qualifications that are most relevant to counselling are:

  • Master of Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy 

  • Master of Writing and Communication

  • Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

Professional Associations:

  • Australian Counsellors Association

  • ACA College of Supervisors

  • EMDR Association of Australia

  • Australian Society of Sex Educators Researches and Therapists (ASSERT)

Languages: English              

Pronouns: She/her


Hours of Practice: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1.30pm - 7.30pm

Contact Me: 0484 112 720 or send an inquiry via the 'contact' page.


Rodney Cole

Leaving school, I had a long list of career dreams, about 15 in total. Slowly I have worked my way through the list, with two to go. That’s meant I have worked in a variety of industries and settings. Government, Corporate and Non For Profit.

What matters to me, each and every day is and what I value the most about my work as a therapist is hospitality; being welcomed, attended to, supported, and encouraged.

My approach is eclectic and about as far from CBT as you can get. From learning the art of listening at Lifeline, I was drawn to Gestalt therapy, for its dynamic and active approach to therapy. Gestalt therapy is interested in the polarities we experience, how do we support ourselves and find agency in day to day life.

I am interested in and work with issues such as grief and loss, change, ageing, forgiveness and what does it mean to live a full life that allows both pleasure, satisfaction, joy as well as sadness, regret, guilt, shame.

In recent years, I have also found Dialetical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), schema therapy and more recently EMDR to useful tools for both me and clients to navigate whatever issue they bring to therapy.

Self-care is very important and because I believe that I can't help you if I'm not at the top of my game. I wont ask you to do anything that I don’t do myself. My spare time can include baking, perfecting the perfect curry, watching Netflix, swimming, massage, float tanks. Having studied somatic sexology, sex and pleasure are vitally important to me.

Methodologies: EMDR, Gestalt Therapy, Schema Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)


Areas of practice: Individual and couples counselling, sexual health, grief and loss, anger, trauma, and supervision.


The qualifications that are most relevant to counselling are:

  • Advanced Diploma Gestalt Therapy

  • Schema Therapy - Level 1

  • Dialetical Behavioural Therapy

  • Diploma in Somatic Sexology

Professional Associations:

  • Australian Counsellors Association

  • ACA College of Supervisors

  • Association for Advancement of Gestalt Therapy (IAAGT)

Languages: English

Pronouns: He/him


Hours of Practice: Monday evenings and weekends

Contact Me: 0423 682 514 or send an inquiry via the 'contact' page.


Roni Ramirez Esquivel

I was born in Argentina to a large family of health and art professionals, in which my interest for self expression was fostered. After moving to Australia at the age of ten I began to develop an interest in how culture plays a role in the way we express our feelings and emotions. This led me to UC where I undertook a Bachelor of Science Psychology with a major in creative writing, to be followed by a Masters of Counselling at Monash University.

Through my counselling work I have been honoured to work with a wide range of clients, with whom I have tailored my therapeutic approach to best suit their needs.

Finding the right therapist can be a bit like dating, it takes time and patience to find the right one. Whether we meet in the counselling room for a short time or to explore a longer form of therapy, I always aim to provide a welcoming and safe environment. 

When I am not working I can often be found in the garden with my two dogs and five chickens, working on a craft project or going to the gym. These activities, along with clinical supervision help me keep a healthy balanced lifestyle to provide you with my best self.

Methodologies: Cognitive Behavioural, Mindfulness and Narrative.


Areas of practice: General, depression, anxiety, trauma and personal improvement.


The qualifications that are most relevant to counselling are:

  • Master of Counselling from Monash University

  • Bachelor of Science Psychology from University of Canberra

Professional Associations:

  • Australian Counsellors Association

Languages: English and Spanish


Hours of Practice: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8am - 12pm

Contact Me: 0492 947 931 or send an inquiry via the 'contact' page.

Matt Musgrave

For the last five years, I've spent my professional career working in face-to-face case management and group facilitation within the criminal justice sector, both in the community and custodial settings.


Upon the birth of my son and the death of one of my oldest childhood friends, I felt compelled to move towards a life that was more aligned with my personal values and future goals - counselling and psychotherapy.

I have a Bachelor of Criminology from the Australian National University and am currently half way through my Post Graduate Diploma of Counselling at the University of Canberra. As such, I am currently completing my counselling placement hours with Frances and the team at Secret Keeper Counselling until the end of June.


I have cultivated a number of therapeutic methodologies over my five years of client work, including person-centered, narrative, systemic and feminist frameworks. I have particular expertise in working with complex emotions including anger, aggression, jealousy, controlling behaviour and power/powerlessness.


My primary goal is to help guide and facilitate clients into a space of personal growth and self awareness in the hope they may cultivate safer and more loving relationships, both with themselves and the people closest to them.


Outside of work, you'll find me playing with my wife, son and rescue dog Emily. I also religiously binge watch new TV shows (currently watching This Is Us), relaxing at the cinema and searching for Canberra's best coffee.

Methodologies: Person-Centered, Narrative, Systems and Feminist.


Areas of practice: Anger management, family and domestic violence, transition to parenthood, fathering, grief and loss, trauma, depression, anxiety, self-awareness and personal growth.


The qualifications that are most relevant to counselling are:

  • Post Graduate Diploma of Counselling (Expected graduation December 2021)

  • Bachelor of Criminology from Aust. National University

Professional Associations:

  • Australian Counselling Association

Languages: English


Hours of Practice: Wednesday and Friday 8.30 - 5pm 

Contact Me: 0492 970898 or send an inquiry via the 'contact' page.

To maintain memberships with professional associations we are all required to hold current First Aid and CPR certificates, Working with children/Vulnerable People cards, and insurance.  We are also required to complete a minimum amount of hours of professional supervision and ongoing professional development per annum.